3 Bottles of E-Liquid

Why should I sub-ohm?

The lower the resistance (in ohms) the higher the power (wattage) you’re going to generate. And the power of your device is related to the amount of vapour you’re going to have, which brings us onto the first reason to sub-ohm:

Massive clouds!

No one wins could competitions with resistances of more than an ohm. Fact. If you want to really impress with the clouds you’re blowing, you’ll need to get yourself down and dirty into sub-ohm territory. And once you’re running a build there, you’ll notice a few other things:

Warmer vapour and powerful flavour.

The vapour temperature comes from the higher wattage - it’s not going to burn you or anything, but it can be an acquired experience. Many people enjoy this as it feels more like traditional smoking, albeit with much more vapour than you’d have had smoke! The low resistance cotton wicking of sub-ohm builds also gives intense flavour which is very different to the higher resistance clearomizers of more standard setups.