3 Bottles of E-Liquid

Why does my coil/e-cigarette taste burnt?

There could be several different explanations. The most common is that it needs to be replaced. Dependent on the brand of coil, how much you vape, what type of e-liquid you are vaping and the power you are using, coils can last between a day and a month! High VG e-liquids will wear down a coil more quickly.

If your coil is new, perhaps your voltage or wattage is too high relative to the resistance of the coil you are using. If you are using a variable voltage battery try turning it down to the minimum setting and then work your way up.

Voltage not the issue? Maybe you’ve been chain vaping? Coils don’t respond well to continuous use for a whole day. As a rule, allow at least 15 seconds between puffs, and chances are you’ll improve the taste.

Still got a problem? Checked your tank? Maybe you’re running low on liquid, so that the coil is firing on air. If you’re getting dry hits, this is likely the problem, so refill and off you go!

Finally, if it’s none of the above, and you’re getting a burnt taste on a new coil, you might not have primed it properly. This is without a doubt the quickest way to ruin a coil, so make sure you’re priming your coil before use.