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Where can I vape?

This is still an ongoing discussion, and obviously one we’re pretty interested in!

What’s clear so far is that most places have recognised that vaping is vastly different from smoking and are deciding their policies with this in mind. The places that have banned vaping have done it ‘to avoid confusion’ between e-cigarettes and ‘real’ tobacco cigarettes.

Plenty of people disagree with this approach, including many anti-smoking campaigners. They know as well as we do that vaping is a great way to get smokers off tobacco cigarettes and that banning e-cigs may just make things worse, turning people back to the original tobacco type.

To help you stay up to date on where you can and can’t vape in the UK, we’ve put together a guide which you can find below. It covers pubs, airlines, hospitals and more across the country. If you know of any new developments locally or nationally, drop us an email so we can keep everyone else in the loop!


As a rule, don’t expect to be allowed to use your e-cigarette on a plane. You should usually be allowed to take them with you on board, but even this isn’t guaranteed, either for the nature of the device or occasionally parts of it like certain batteries. To be safe, check in advance. Firm policies we know of are:

Aer Lingus - Not allowed at all.
BA - They do sell e-cigarettes on board but we don’t believe you can use them.
EasyJet - You’re fine to carry them on the plane but can’t use them.
Ryanair - They sell their own smokeless cigarettes on board - these are the only kind you can use.
Virgin - Just like EasyJet - carry, but don’t use.


Thank god for Heathrow! Of the ten busiest airports in the UK, only Heathrow has a dedicated vaping area which you can find in Terminal 4. That means the following have a strict no-vaping policy in all indoor areas:


Football Stadia

Most Premier League grounds have banned vaping, but Burnley FC have bucked the trend with a number of dedicated vaping zones within the ground. If they continue to be the only one, we expect they’ll see a fair few away supporters coming to make use of these!


The general rule here is not indoors and don’t go to Scotland! Many hospitals have dedicated smoking or vaping areas, but NHS Scotland took the move to ban e-cigs completely within hospital grounds. More recently, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Scotland’s largest health board, lifted this ban to allow restricted use in their hospitals.

Anecdotal evidence suggests this restrictions often aren’t enforced, though of course we wouldn’t dare suggest you ignore them!


You’re in a bit more luck when it comes to pubs and restaurants, with outright bans the exception rather than the rule. In many places, vaping is totally fine indoors - just ask them! There are a few places that have banned vaping:

All Bar One
Cafe Nero


The answer here is a pretty simple no in most cases. Firm no-vaping policies are in place on:

Cross Country
First Capital Connect
Greater Anglia
Northern Trains
Southern Rail UK
Transport for London