3 Bottles of E-Liquid

What PG:VG ratio is right for me?

As with most variables around the physical taste and vaping experience, there’s no universal answer. However, we can talk you through a few of the popular ratios.

Throat Hit

Simply put, PG brings a much better kick for those who likes a nice, sharp hit. Especially for reformed smokers, this is a must-have. The flavour seems to carry a bit more easily on PG as well, so you’ll notice a slightly enhanced taste.


Where PG brings the kick, VG bring the smooth, caressing touch to the throat. This will dull the flavour, but as long you don’t stray from the wattage limits, you can turn up the firepower a little to bring a more intense taste without losing that newly thickened texture.

Stealth Vaping

I`t’s a shame, but plenty of public spaces still frown upon vapers. If you want to avoid publicising your vaping, you can up the PG level to reduce the density of vapour. Remember to always be conscientious of those around you; vaping in the park is fine, but you shouldn’t power-up at the dentist or in the subway, where it’s poor form and possibly even illegal. Help remove the stigma on vaping by being responsible.


An activity for vapers who compete in blowing the biggest clouds of vapour they possibly can. “Cloud competitions” have emerged over the last few years, with so-called “professional” vapers headlining many of the larger events. For this, is go high VG or go home.