3 Bottles of E-Liquid

What is vaping?

We thought you’d never ask! First things first, it’s not smoking.

Vaping is the most common way to say ‘using an e-cigarette’. It’s designed to help current smokers get their nicotine fix in a less harmful way - early studies suggest vaping is 95% less damaging!

Essentially, the vapour of vaping is made from heating e-liquid containing nicotine and flavouring. This vapour is inhaled to create a similar experience to smoking, but it’s not smoke.

It’s still early days for studies but more are being done all the time - the full risks of vaping are yet to be proven. It has been shown to produce short term stress on the heart similar to smoking regular cigarettes. We’d suggest you do a bit of research before trying vaping - it’s not designed to be totally safe, but a massive improvement on normal cigarettes. After all, nicotine has harmful effects, so bear that in mind. It’s not recommended than any non-smokers take it up.