3 Bottles of E-Liquid

What is an e-cigarette coil?

Put simply, the coil is what connects to the battery and heats up your e-liquid. Most e-cigs are now designed with replaceable coils to save you from having to get a whole new atomizer. This feature saves money and reduces waste as a new coil will restore your atomizer to a good-as-new state.

When the time comes to replace your coil, just make sure you know which type your device needs. There are a few different styles, including top coils which fit in through the top of the device, bottom coils (you can work it out) and various stem lengths. Performance wise, you aren’t going to see any difference, you just need the right size and shape to fit your kit.

A coil head itself is made up of the base which connects to the battery, the wick and coil bundle which holds the liquid and performs the actual heating, the stem which transports vapour to the tip and a seal to keep the e-liquid in place.