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What does ohms mean and what value should I use?

Ohms are the scientific unit of resistance used to describe your coil. Most clearomizers will have resistance values around 2.5 ohms, but a wide variety are available. Here’s a quick rundown of how the resistance affects your experience:

A low ohm coil produces more heat, which can produce more and warmer vapour. It is also more likely to give a dry hit and will use e-liquid up more quickly.

A higher value gives less heat and a cooler experience, so your battery is going to last longer and you’ll use less e-liquid.

The standard value is 2.5 ohms, giving a beginner the chance to work out the whole experience before they have to worry about resistance levels. Once you start experimenting, it’s definitely a matter of personal preference, with people using anything from sub-ohm (0.1 ohms) to higher than 3 ohms to balance vapour levels, warmth, throat hit and more.