3 Bottles of E-Liquid

Is vaping fashionable?

Hipster, habit or hobby? Let’s take a look.

As it fully deserves, smoking has been shown in a terrible light and is becoming a social faux-pas and is completely illegal in public spaces in the UK. In the simplest terms, vaping is like a more recreational and less harmful version of smoking. It’s not addictive like hard cigs and it’s poles apart from the tar-filled deathtraps that are normal cigarettes.

Smoking used to be the pedestal of coolness to which we all aspired, decades and a great misunderstanding of our own health ago. Now, with a vape-centred social media buzz and with permission to vape indoors (for the most part) it has become undeniably trendy.

Vape flavours burst onto and off the scene with the same dynamic fervour as fashion. It’s sometimes a race to be vaping what’s “hot” and social media will quickly correct you if you’re using the wrong stuff. It sounds like a fad, but it’s been going strong for quite a while now and hasn’t gone anywhere yet...

I’m sure we’d all love to see a conclusive study on the long-term effects of vaping, though we can settle for now knowing that the crippling addictive nature of cigarettes has yet to rear its ugly head. Vaping is fashionable right now, and looks set to stay.