3 Bottles of E-Liquid

How do I stop my e-cigarette leaking?

New users will take a bit of time to get the mechanics of vaping bang on. If you’ve gone full n00b and spilled a little in your mouth a few times, you’ve probably had about enough of the bitter taste.

Here are a few tips to help you get the technique right and start vaping like a pro:

Some coils use a rubber to form a seal with the tank stem so that the liquid does not - most inconveniently - enter your mouthpiece. Sometimes that rubber top will wear down and will let the e-liquid freely dribble into your mouth. No one likes a broken seal, so get it replaced.

Try to avoid up-ending the e-cigarette toward the sky; it will give the liquid an easier run back down to the mouthpiece and out the other side. Another simple step is to make sure you aren’t overfilling the tank or clearomizer. If you do, just use a piece of kitchen towel to clean off the excess.

Occasionally a coil or clearomizer will loosen up after replacement, so it’s worth ensuring that it is properly secured in place at the base. Many leakages are caused by worn or faulty coils which have run their course. Try to replace coils when they show any signs of wear.

Finally, if you’ve followed all of those previous steps and are still having issues, just contact the manufacturer or retailer and they’ll be able to help you out.