3 Bottles of E-Liquid

Are e-cigarettes cheaper than smoking?

Let's do the maths!

In the UK the average smoker consumes 13 cigarettes per day; that's 395 cigarettes per month. If the average pack costs £9.50, then a 13-a-day habit will come to about £190 every month.

Here at Shoreditch, we use the rule-of-thumb that a 20-pack of cigarettes is equivalent to approximately 5ml of e-liquid. Our e-liquid costs £3.33 per 10ml bottle which works out at £33 a month for 13 “cigarettes” per day.

The average user needs a single pack of coils (£5) per month, which we’ll generously round up to £40 total. In fact, let’s even throw in the vape pen which start at £15 from our shop. All in, that’s a quarter of what it costs to smoke cigarettes. It’s cheaper.