The joys of Zero Nicotine

Whether it’s a dram or two of whisky, a flutter on the horses, or a late night kebab and fries, most of us have at least one cheeky vice. And when enjoyed in moderation (or slightly over, as the case may be), vices are a positive thing. After all, doesn’t it feel good to come home after the daily grind, grab your vaping gear, and kick back whilst savouring the sweet smoky taste of Carabacco? Of course it does. (We didn’t mean to go all M&S on you just then by the way.)

zero nicotine e-liquid

Suffice to say more than a few of us have acquired a collection of vices over the years, and it can pretty hard to indulge in them all in-between Pokémon Go-prompted walks and your day job. For some folk though, nicotine is an unnecessary vice, and that’s quite ok with us. In fact, we’ve just launched our zero nicotine e-liquids especially for them.

We’re not going anti-nicotine though

Obviously we haven’t gone all anti-nicotine. Whilst nicotine has been given an unfair rap over the years because of its association with smoking. The Royal Society for Public Health have called for the public confusion over nicotine to be addressed, as a way of encouraging smokers to use safer forms of the substance. Stating nicotine is “no more harmful to health than caffeine” – and none of us are going to give up our morning coffees or Red Bulls any time soon.

The science behind why it makes us feel good isn’t sinister either. When nicotine enters our bodies it attaches itself to the acetylcholine receptors in the brain, and mimics their actions. However, it also raises the levels of the dopamine neurotransmitter in parts of the brain that give us feelings of pleasure and reward. That’s why it’s a top ten vice. Though nicotine isn’t the be all and end all of vaping.

So why choose zero nicotine?

Many people take up vaping as a way of giving up or cutting down on their regular ciggies – and if that’s your mission then we commend you! For some quitters however, that doesn’t just mean not smoking, but also giving up nicotine too. If that’s you, then switching to our zero nicotine e-liquid is a no brainer. It might take a while to adjust, but it’ll make it a whole lot easier to quit in the long run. You’ll keep your hands busy, enjoy a similarly cathartic pastime, and eventually your nicotine cravings will disappear in a puff of vapour.

Those ditching the nicotine aren’t the only ones who can enjoy our trove of zero nicotine e-liquid flavours. Many of us enjoy vaping for exactly the same reason we’ll sit around a shisha pipe with our friends: it’s social, it’s fun, and it’s thoroughly relaxing to boot. If you love vaping but you’ve never been a full-on smoker, then zero nicotine e-liquid is ideal for you too.

Rhubarb and Apple Crumble e-liquid

Making the transition

The beauty of our e-liquids is that, if you want, you can mix them into a variety of custom concoctions to please your palate. Like a Rhubarb and Apple Crumble? Try Granny’s Crumble with a few drops of Apple & Eve.

Want to see if you can top our Fruity Funster e-liquid? Go to town and make your own with all our zesty fruit-flavoured e-liquid offerings.

If you want a smooth transition into nicotine-free vaping, then you can also mix our zero nicotine flavours with your regular juice, gradually diluting your intake over time. If you approach it gradually you probably won’t even notice – at least until you find yourself replacing nicotine with another vice, of course…