I, like many, started smoking when I was a kid. 15 to be precise and I’ve never really stopped since then. I’m now 36 and a few years back I’d started to notice more and more news and exposure relating to vaping and electronic cigarettes. I again, like most, considered these devices to be very uncool and extremely geeky. The marketing was geared towards quitting and e-cigarettes were about as unsexy as conceivably possible. It was clearly an industry in its infancy, desperately trying to find an identity that it’s considerable, potential consumer base could relate to.

I wanted to quit

Like many smokers I did actually want to quit. I’d love a viable alternative to nicotine gum and patches and lets not forget that illusive will power. The absence of which is horribly apparent when it comes to anything enjoyable in life. Gum, Patches and will power are all extremely unappealing, when it comes to possible ways of quitting those enjoyable tobacco burning treats I held so dearly.

“I did actually want to quit”

Now a few years on, the electronic cigarette industry has transformed into something far more appealing to the average smoker. It’s now very common to see a person using a vape pen as you walk along a busy city street. These vape pens offer infinitely more choice and versatility over the cigarette imitation style electronic cigarettes. These ‘cigalikes’ were the norm a few years back. With their gimmicky glowing LED ash that screamed “I have no dignity”.

Wismec Reuleaux RX200S

The beauty of vape pens is the amount of choice. Ranging from a very simple clearomiser and battery setup, to a more complex variable voltage battery and tank dripper with adjustable air holes etc. The choice is huge and for people like me who love a gadget, they can be great fun.

“I soon forgot about traditional tobacco cigarettes”

Vape pens also allow you to use the e liquid of your choice. Now this is where it gets really interesting and the choice of e liquids appears limitless. Nicotine strength and VG/PG mix can be tailored to your taste and that’s before you even choose a flavour! Mixologists are popping up all over the place with new and never before tasted flavours. It would appear the only limitation is imagination.

The ritual

I get a big kick out of the ceremony of refilling my vape pen tank. Disassembling it and putting it back together is a strangely cathartic process. I am however a massive geek and as I mentioned before, a gadget nut. To me it’s no surprise this kind of thing puts a smile on my face.

filling eliquid tank

So having said all this, once I had my first e-liquid and vape pen experience I was hooked and soon forgot about traditional tobacco cigarettes. Something I could never have imagined to be so easy and painless if it wasn’t for my little vaping gadget.

The Community

Vaping and ‘Vapers’ also are a large and thriving community. When vaping in public I often get a knowing look or nod from fellow Vapers. This along with the countless resources and online communities, it really can be an intriguing and fun world to be a part of. There are even Vape cafes popping up all over the place now and this trend looks set to continue considering the current growth the industry appears to be enjoying.

The Vaping Selfie

There is also some alternative fun to be had, in the form of some pretty cool selfie taking opportunities. Love or loathe them, selfies are here to stay (cheers Kim…), and I must confess I’ve taken a few in my time. Vaping selfies are incredibly popular, a quick search of Instagram will yield thousands of cloud chasing narcissists. Surely that’s got to be more interesting than pouting millionaires?

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  1. Great intro for a vaping newbie like myself. Love your site and product. I’ve taken a liking to you Lime flavour e-liquid, takes me back to the green Opal Fruits (now Starburst – for all you young ones). Keep up the good work!

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