I remember the first time I saw someone vaping in an attempt to quit smoking. My thoughts were: “Oh what the heck, another useless tool to keep you addicted, instead of actually helping you quit.” It seemed like just another excuse for not quitting. I thought, “you can’t possibly be that weak, if you want to quit just do it!”

Vaping seemed so strange

That’s the grief I used to give anyone who was trying to convince me that it worked and it tasted great. “No way” I’d say, “There’s no chance it will be any good”. My issue was that I’ve been an avid smoker since the tender age of 16 (thankfully my mum doesn’t read or speak English) and I loved it. I wanted cigarettes, not weird looking pipes sticking out of my mouth. When I decided to quit I didn’t find it too hard. For me it was simple. You smoke, you decide to quit and so you quit. That’s exactly what I did. I didn’t need anything to help me, I just stopped buying cigarettes and completely avoided vaping.

A drink and a vape

But then it happened: I had few drinks with people who smoked and I’d have a couple of cigarettes, because I knew I could just quit or be a social smoker. But oh no, before I realised, I was addicted again and I couldn’t quit. Suddenly I was the weakest link. I tried patches, gum, books and even considered hypnotherapy. I was going strong on 20 fags a day. There was no stopping me. I was ashamed and frankly quite broke (£9.50 a day is more than most of us can afford).

Every morning I felt quite helpless, reaching for my cigarettes even before my coffee was ready. Rolling down the slow path of destruction, I realised that I enjoyed the action of smoking. I disliked the taste and the smell it left on my clothes, but I was craving it and everything else seemed less important.

Smoking was enjoyable

I loved puffing out big clouds of smoke, I found it sexy and somehow relaxing, even though I knew it was hurting my body and my pocket, I couldn’t stop. My morning cough was back, my wardrobe stunk and I was so aware of the smell, I used to carry perfume in my purse. But still, I continued to smoke. Surely there had to be a better way.

Why couldn’t I enjoy the social aspect of smoking without smelling like an ashtray and constantly worry that I’m one step closer to making myself ill? Ha! And then it hit me (well, it did after a few dates with someone who vaped). There is a better way. There is vaping.

So I decided to give it a go, I was so jealous my date was “smoking”  (I know I should say vaping, but I really didn’t understand the difference back then) and he still smelled amazing! So I decided to give vaping a go and I’ve never looked back since. I vape, I smell good and there is no coughing or shame!

A relaxing vape

So many flavours

I can have iced strawberry and apple pie, mixed with banana cream. Cola flavour, menthol and chocolate (yes you heard me right, it helps two cravings), and there are so many more flavours!   A feast in my mouth with every single puff I take and all from the comfort of my sofa, or even my bed whilst I read a little before sleeping. That’s right, I don’t need to sneak outside anymore! Plus most of my non-smoker friends are more than happy to let me vape in their homes, as there is no smoke or bad smells. They even tell me it leaves a nice smell in the room.

I’m converted. I love it and I don’t have to compromise. I get to do what I like and I don’t worry about it. Now I better start apologising to the people I criticised for vaping before me.

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  1. What an interesting read! It’s great to hear that you are happy and healthy and can do what you enjoy! A lovely story of motivation. Well done.

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