The majority of vapers are reformed smokers. They’ve jumped the proverbial tobacco ship and swam ashore, making a comfortable life on their own private vaping island. Don’t be fooled though: they were all beginners once, and each has fallen prey to one or two of these rookie errors!

Don’t worry if you make mistakes; vape kits are crammed full of mysterious tech which isn’t quite as intuitive as a cigarette and lighter. Let’s explore the common beginner mistakes you are going to avoid.

“Vape Pens Are Just Futuristic Cigarettes”

While this is mostly true, they definitely don’t work just like cigarettes. With e-cigarettes, you don’t have to inhale nearly as hard as you do with traditional ones. A slow, gentle inhale will be much more rewarding than a short, powerful one.

A lot of beginner vapers forget that e-cigarettes don’t stay “lit” like normal cigarettes. Good quality electronic cigarettes have a power button which you need to press so that your coil turns your e-juice into a delicious lungful of vapour. Forget to press the button, and it won’t be nearly so tasty.

vaping button press 5 times

Starting On High Voltage

When taking your first steps as a vaper, it’s smart to keep your e-cigarette on low power and gradually build up as you get accustomed to it. By incrementing your power, you can find the right vapour-flavour ratio for your tastes. Those who start cranking the voltage up early can be surprised by the intensity of the hit and it can be off-putting. No need for your first time to be a bad memory; treat your e-juice right!

vaping high voltage

Ignoring The Instructions

We’re all the same when it comes to trendy new gadgets: bin the instructions and figure it out. Trouble is that vape pens can be a little unintuitive; power on could be 3-5 presses of a button at different intervals. On that note, improvising how to use your coils or how much e-liquid to use won’t get you off to a great start…

Losing Yourself In The Vaping Moment

With a traditional cigarette, the cherry meets the butt the fun is over. With electronic cigarettes, how long your e-juice vaping break lasts is harder to gauge. You don’t want to overdo the nicotine early on, so try to limit yourself the first few times until you’re used to the hit.

Only having one battery

Ah, the dreaded “oh no, I don’t have my lighter!” of the vaping world. Trouble is, you can’t just borrow your mate’s this time. Buy a spare battery, keep it charged and always keep it with you (make sure you keep your batteries in a battery case). First time you run out of power, you’ll remember this advice and wish you had heeded it.

e-cigarette battery life

Even if you make all of these rookie mistakes, it won’t take you too long to get comfortable with vaping and then there’s no looking back! To start things right, check out our range of vape kits to keep mishaps to a minimum.