Here at Shoreditch we love when companies around the world recognise the hard work we put in. When Vapura E-Liquid Membership service contacted us, we were excited to get involved with a vaping start up from Ireland. Vapura is a completely new concept to the vaping scene in Europe. Constantly finding himself googling vape shop near me and praying there would be a shop open, Vapura founder Tom found himself more often than not frustrated with restrictive opening hours and restrictive stock in vape shops. 

This inspired the concept for Vapura. Instead of the customer chasing down the vape shops, why doesn’t the shop come to the customer. The concept is straightforward. They offer three different membership levels, Gold, Silver and Bronze and a member simply signs up to whichever package suits them best. But don’t be mistaken to think this is just another e-liquid subscription service. It also includes a new kit with every package and with every monthly delivery is a replacement coil for your device along with the liquids and 24/7 support. If your glass on the atomizer breaks, you’ll have a replacement at your door the next day. Vapura really is vapings first all-in-one solution. No stress, no messing around just straight to your door.

From within the account you build your flavour profile. Don’t like menthols, they’re out. Love lime sorbet, it’s in! Here at Vape Shoreditch we’re delighted to say Vapura stocks a large range of our own flavours including our best selling Summer Short Fill range. Outside of Vapura’s membership system, they found the bestselling short fill for them has been our epic Havana. Ireland is synonymous with all things alcohol related from Guinness, Jameson and everything in between so it comes as no surprise that they jumped at our Mojito flavour shake and vape. Maybe an Irish Whiskey flavour might be on the horizon?

“In the build up to launching Vapura I reached out to over 20 suppliers from around Ireland, the UK and Europe. I tried over 160 e-liquids and there was just one brand that stood out head and shoulders above the crowd. I’m glad to say that it was Vape Shoreditch. I want not only vaping to be made convenient for my members but for them to consistently receive a quality product month to month. With Shoreditch, I find they get just that. The packaging is refined, the branding premium but most importantly the tastes of their liquids are unparalleled. I haven’t received a single product return from a Vape Shoreditch product to date. I like that they push the boat out with some of the flavours and still get it right. Something that surprised me was how well one flavour in particular was received by our members. The Percy Peanut , a delicate balance of chocolate and peanut, it’s refined with just the slightest hint of sweetness.” (Tom, Founder of Vapura)

We’re delighted to be working with Vapura and wish them all the best with their E-Liquid membership service. At the moment, they only offer memberships in the Republic of Ireland but are hoping to open their memberships up to the UK in the near future.