Over the last 2 years Shoreditch, along with thousands of our customers have been squeezing, dripping and vaping some rather tasty e-liquid. During this time we have gathered oodles of interesting e-cigarette and e-liquid data and statistics. We use this data to better understand our customers behaviour, along with their likes and dislikes… naming no names Chocolate you unpopular git.

Thankfully the e-cigarette industry has gone from strength to strength and this trend looks set to continue. Much of this growth has been aided by the positive and progressive attitudes of institutions such as Public Health England and their recent report, suggesting e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco. Not to mention the British governments light touch approach to the TPD. All this results in the general attitude towards e-cigarettes slowly but surely moving to the side of reason and away from the junk science and scaremongering from misguided tobacco control advocates and knee jerk reactionaries.

So with some statistics in hand and lets face it, everyone loves a statistic. We decided it’s about time we shared some of these stats in the form of this delightful infographic. Oh, and the design team having some time on their hands also helped.

E-cigarette stats and trends

E-Cigarette stats and trends
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