Whether you’re looking to make a unique statement or display some incredible art, there’s no denying that tattoos are a powerful form of creative expression. We love getting inked here at Shoreditch, with over half the team sporting some form of ink, so we know as well as anyone how hard it can be to find a great tattooist among the thousands available in London. So with this in mind we’ve put together a list containing a few of London’s best spots to get inked.

Shall Adore

Shall Adore Tattoo - Shoreditch

Location: Shoreditch

Best for: Realism, blackwork. A good all rounder.

Shall adore is one of the newer players in town. Founded in 2013 by tattoo artist Silvia Zed, this unique tattoo parlour can be found on Kingsland road and specialises in bespoke art. The unique thing about Shall adore is it is designed to incubate new and emerging talent, giving artists the opportunity to showcase their work and guest at the iconic Shoreditch location.

Good Times

Good Times Tattoo - Shoreditch

Location: Shoreditch

Best for: Tribal and Japanese designs, first timers, serenity and calm

You won’t find any neon signs or memorabilia on the inside of this light, airy and spacious parlour that looks more like a retro hair salon than a tattoo shop, but don’t worry, you haven’t come to the wrong place. Owner Nikole Lowe creates an welcoming and serene environment which is perfect for first-timers or those who get the pre-tattoo jitters.

The Family Business

The Family Business Tattoo - Exmouth Market

Location: Exmouth Market

Best for: Oriental Designs, vintage gangster surroundings, just about everything else

As the name suggests, Mo Coppoletta’s parlour has a focus on classic Mafioso styling, from the vintage swing playlist to the rich red interior and Roman Catholic Iconography scattered around the venue. The artists in situ at The Family Business pool a variety of specialisms and skills including oriental, geometric and contemporary. Expect to find the staff suited and booted, naturally.

One Day

One Day Tattoo - Angel

Location: Angel

Best for: Ákos Keller’s unique style

Founded in September 2015 by Máté Spanberger and Ákos Keller. One Day Tattoo studio is making a name for itself as being the only place you’ll find Ákos Keller and his unique tattoo style. Shoreditch took the time a few months back to get a sneak peek behind the scenes at One Day Tattoo, and learn a little more about what makes them tick, so we highly recommend you check them out here.

Jolie Rouge

Jolie Rouge Tattoo - Caledonian Road

Location: Caledonian Road

Best for: Goth glamour, new school, graffiti inks and a no ego approach

If you love gothic opulence, then Jolie Rouge has it in abundance. Take in the impressive candelabras and opulent wallpaper and the parlour’s refreshingly grounded attitude whilst you adorn yourself with a graffiti inspired tattoo that are one of artist Matt-Difa’s specialisms. Pride themselves on doing what other studios turn down and have a great rep within the London tattoo scene.