Most, if not all e-cigarette users will have heard of the term ‘Cloud Chasing’. Many of you will have seen the videos of bearded, tattoo clad shop assistants, bellowing out huge plumes of vapour, to the tunes of an obscure Spotify playlist. But cloud chasing aside, there’s a much more satisfying chase to be had. Flavour chasing is all about tweaking your e-cigarette to produce the best flavour possible from your e-liquid of choice.

We at Shoreditch receive many enquiries from flavour hungry vapers, looking to get the most out of their e-liquid. So with this in mind we decided to outline some of the most effective ways to maximise your e-cigarette and e-liquid flavour production.

Let the chase begin!

Your E-Cigarette Coil is a Priority Decision

e-cigarette coils
Choose your coils wisely.

Are you ready to up your flavour chasing game? If so then you should start thinking about sub-ohm tanks and coils. The Aspire Cleito is a fine example of a sub-ohm tank and coil done well. It supports coils of less than 1Ω (ohm) resistance, which offers enhanced flavour and vapour production.

Cloud-chasing is hugely popular, and for this reason large coil bore holes (which permit the airflow through your device) dominate most vape store shelves. Try looking for coils with smaller bore holes like these Nautilus coils from Aspire, as these can optimise flavour by reducing the amount of air passing through the coil.

In a perfect flavour chasing world a sub-ohm coil with smaller bore holes would be the ultimate flavour making munchkin, however these are few and far between.

OK, so you’ve gotten your sub-ohm game on, what’s next? Well Rebuildable Atomizers (RBAs) are the next progression. It involves making your own coils and is a practice reserved for expert users; however, if you want customisation beyond what you’re offered by retailers, Rebuildable Atomizers are where you’ll find it.

Start Taking Your E-Cigarette Materials Seriously

e-cigarette tanks
Some serious e-cigarette tanks.

Gone are the days of using silica wicks, which used to be the standard wick material. Silica wick would severely limit flavour production and thankfully the industry has adopted Japanese cotton as the go-to wick material. So if you’re truly chasing flavour, then flavour-numbing silica wick coils should be skirted at every opportunity.

Japanese organic cotton releases flavour superbly and wicks effortlessly compared to everything else on the market. There are other cottons out there like cellucotton – even ceramic coils are getting some traction, with their heat-resistant properties and longevity – but Japanese organic cotton is definitely an excellent market standard.

Whatever your preferences, always choose high-quality cotton (or a verified and modern ceramic option) to maximise flavour. Your tastebuds will thank you for it.

When it comes to materials, there’s also coil wire to consider. Luckily, the choice is largely made for you as Kanthal wire does an exceptional job and is the most widely available option. Once you get experimenting with temperature control (and we recommend you do), Nickel can be a suitable alternative as its performance is exceptional.

Stop Buying max VG e-liquid

Shoreditch E-Liquid
Shoreditch e-liquid is available in both 50/50 and 80/20.

Because cloud chasing is such a hit, many stores stock “high VG” e-liquids. At Shoreditch, we’re all about quality and  taste, so we offer both 50/50 and 80/20 VG/PG e-liquid options. The reason? PG carries flavour far more effectively than VG.

But of course, whilst our 50/50 e-liquid offers a fantastic blend of vapour and taste, some of you may prefer a little more vapour and a VG boost such as our 80/20 could be just the e-liquid you’re looking for.

Go to Town on Your Settings

Flavour Chasing
Try adjusting the settings on your e-cigarette.

E-cigarettes with variable settings have changed the game forever and for the better. Since your favourite flavour will vaporise at a different temperature to your friends, no two setups are ever the same. Variable voltage and wattage e-cigarette kit is the best friend of the flavour chaser.

Rather than messing about with random configurations, our advice is to start low and gradually increment until you find a flavour profile you adore. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is the perfect vape!

It’s the same story for temperature-control devices: beginning near the bottom and let things get hotter and hotter until you reach your sweet spot. Once there, make sure you note the temperature that did the trick!

And remember each flavour is different!

Keep Airflow Nice and Calm

Reduce tank airflow
Adjust the airflow on your tank.

The more air you whip through your device, the less flavour that air can take with it. Big airflow =  big clouds; limited airflow = big flavour. Your vape will become heavier, warmer and full of flavour.

Most tanks come with adjustable airflow, so your job is made nice and easy. As with all technical adjustments, this step is about experimentation; too little airflow and you’ll get poor vapour production, whereas too much and you’ll get less flavour.

Here lies a second reason to look at smaller-than-average boreholes: limited airflow with big holes makes the throat hit much more severe, which probably isn’t what you’re after.

Cleanse and Refresh your Palate

Great flavour e-liquid
Cleans your palate, beer optional.

There’s a curious phenomenon called “vaper’s tongue” which you may have come across, perhaps without even knowing! Basically, over-vaping can numb your senses to your favourite e-liquid flavour. If you think your flavour is losing some of its punch, fear not as the e-liquid itself is probably fine, but it’s probably time to mix things up a little.

Refresh your palate (just like in fancy restaurants) with little tricks like eating some citrus fruit, smelling fresh coffee grounds or just taking a break and hydrating. The simplest trick is to alternate between flavours and keep your tastebuds guessing.

Your E-Liquid is Your Baby

There are occasions when your palate is working just fine, but the e-liquid may be the problem.

Your e-liquid bottles should be kept in a cool, dark place, and only opened when refilling your tank. Otherwise, the flavour quality can reduce.

As a flavour chaser, these little tips can make all the difference. Some chasers promote “steeping” as a way to improve the flavour profile of e-liquids. Steeping is the act of allowing e-liquids to mature for a week or so, whilst occasionally opening the bottle to let it ‘breathe’. There’s no real evidence for this, but it can’t hurt to experiment!

Respect Your Kit, and Keep Everything Clean

Clean tank and fresh coils
A clean tank and fresh coils for great flavour.

There is simply nothing better than a clean tank and a fresh coil. It’s a potent combination for the best flavour. Changing your coil every few days will help you get the most out of your e-liquid. Thankfully our coils are incredible value, so this shouldn’t break the bank.

Naturally there is no one size fits all solution to getting the best flavour from your e-liquid. But hopefully these tips will help you on your way to some fun filled flavour moments. Trial and error is definately the name of the game along with a little maintenance and a clean tank.

You might find that you disagree with some of our tips, and that’s great! By discussing differing opinions and learning new techniques there’s a very good chance you’ll find your perfect flavour settings.