Over the past few months, the team here at Shoreditch have been busy working on some exciting new e-liquid flavours. Now the TPD is done and dusted, and that dust has settled we thought it was time to spread our vaping wings and take the Shoreditch Brand to the next level.

Unfortunately, it’s a little too early to release any concrete details as we are still in the development stage. However, we can tell you that we’re launching two new ranges which will sit alongside our existing range. The exciting thing about these two ranges is that they will be branded completely differently, with each range having a unique style and feel.

Let’s get creative

So what exactly goes into creating a new range of e-liquid? How do we develop and select the flavours which eventually make it into your tanks?

Firstly we have countless meetings and discussions until we agree on an overriding theme or concept for the ranges. From here we then brainstorm flavour ideas which fit into the chosen ranges. The two ranges will each consist of 5 flavours which means we will be launching ten new flavours.

Once we have a rough idea of flavours for each range, we work closely with our flavourists developing, testing and tweaking the flavours until we are happy. This process takes months of back and forth and as you can imagine the odd tear is shed as inevitably some favourites of some Shoreditch team members don’t make the cut.

Shoreditch E-Liquid
The e-liquid is numbered and blind tested.

Oh no! we need to name the flavours! Cue the whiteboard and yet more brainstorming sessions. These mostly consist of joke names such as the “Hoboken squat cobbler”, yes, looking at you Saul Goodman!

Once we’ve gotten the jokes out of our system, we shortlist possible names and let them marinate for a few weeks until we are all on the same page and a decision can then be made. Which brings us to the branding and design work required to bring the new ranges and their flavours to life.

Shoreditch E-Liquid
As you might imagine we get through a lot of tanks and coils during the testing process.

So that’s where we are right now, very close to final decisions. Once we’ve finalised the flavours, it’ll be time to go through the testing and submissions required to comply with the current regulatory requirements we all know and love. So keep your peepers peeled for further news and announcements very soon!