Shoreditch Community Awards 2017

An award dedicated to online vaping communities.

Voting now closed

Voting now closed

About the awards

Over recent years the vaping market has seen some tremendous changes and a whole lot of growth. E-cigarette technology has dramatically improved and there’s been a boom in the number of brands, types and quality of e-liquid available to vapers. Part of this great movement is down to the online communities that facilitate discussion, creativity and innovation.
We’ve decided to create and host an award dedicated to our online communities.

Who’s Included?
The nominees for this award are all independent non-retail affiliated (they do not sell products) e-cigarette / e-liquid websites globally. So, if you have a favourite vaping forum, magazine or blog here is your opportunity to vote. One vote per person.

If you think we are missing a great website and you’d like them to be considered for this award, please email us at

The Winners

Congratulations to the winner and runner up of the Shoreditch vaping community award 2017.

E-cigarette Research

Planet of the Vapes